A Lot 'a' Lhasas
Babies at 8 Weeks old
$250 each
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These beautiful little girls were born July 22, 2010.
They have had their first two 'puppy shots' and have
been wormed. Please browse through the following
pictures to pick out the little girl you would like to take
home with you.
My prayer is that you will take good care of her and love
her forever.
This is Hope. Isn't she beautiful.
Hope's Puppy - Orange Girl - 2
Hope's Puppy - Orange Girl - 1
Hope's Puppy - Orange Girl - 3
These babies and their Mama got baths just before taking these pictures.
Some of them still have wet hair.
I have named them according to the color of the string I tied around their neck.
Hope's Puppy - Blue Girl - 1
Hope's Puppy - Blue Girl - 2
Hope's Puppy - Blue Girl - 3
Hope's Puppy - Green Girl - 1
Hope's Puppy - Green Girl - 2
Hope's Puppy - Green Girl - 3
Hope's Puppy - Pink Girl - 1
Hope's Puppy - Pink Girl - 2
Hope's Puppy - Pink Girl - 3
Hope's Puppy - Gold Girl - 1
Hope's Puppy - Gold Girl - 2
Hope's Puppy - Gold Girl - 3
The babies in the videos below have just had baths
and are now playing and chasing their Mama around
she just got a bath too). My grandson, Jimmy, is
talking in the background of some of the videos and
the wind is blowing.
Meet Blue Girl,
she will gladly shine for you.
Meet Green Girl,
as she and Pink Girl play with me.
Meet Pink Girl,
as she plays with a small ball.
Meet Gold Girl,
as she checks our the bright colored balls.